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Church leaders stress the significance of first-ever papal visit to Arabia


“This visit will help to correct the false image that many Muslims have of Christianity, Conversely, many Christians will realize that the majority of Muslims are not terrorists. The Islamic authorities want to show that they have nothing to do with terrorism.”

Bishop in United Arab Emirates: ‘I have never experienced animosity’


“I am not aware of any Muslim country that allows full religious freedom. Even in those where converting a Muslim to another religion is not punishable by law, at the very least the person’s social circle, in particular his or her family, will react with ostracism or even physical violence.”

In Syria, catechism is ‘helping heal spiritual wounds of war’


“I am a religious, and my first responsibility is to bear witness spiritually and help people. This is what moves me. We lived through the war and witnessed it up close. Catechesis is important in helping to heal the wounds.”

Syria: ‘The thought of continuing my studies was what kept my hopes alive’


“Being able to continue with my studies is what has helped me to remain hopeful and stay happy through these years. Now I want to be able to deepen my knowledge and help other people here in my country.”

Iraq: Church leaders urge more support for Christians resettling on the Nineveh Plains


Funding is falling short, the statement said, noting that “there is still a lot to do” to facilitate the return of Christians “to their respective ancestral communities from which they were expelled” as ISIS swept through the region in the summer of 2014.

Pope lights candle for peace in Syria—launch of ACN’s 2018 Advent campaign


“May this prayer make them feel the closeness of God, who is faithful, and touch every conscience to bring about a sincere commitment to peace. May God, our Lord, forgive those who make war, those who make weapons to destroy each other. We pray for peace in beloved Syria.”

In Iraq, a Christian politician surveys a troubled landscape


“There is fear that the ISIS will return to our region, perhaps under a different name. That’s because of the lack of political unity in Iraq; and Christians have no confidence in their country’s political leadership, with legislators looking out for their own interests and discriminating against Christians.”

Chaldean Patriarch has high hopes for Kurdistan parliamentary elections


‘We need further help to rebuild the [Christian] villages in the Nineveh Plains, destroyed by ISIS. We need that the government grows and improves its services. Finally, we want to put an end to corruption [and the activities of] militia.”

Syrian prelate denounces ‘plan to oust Christians from the region’


“They do not want us to instruct pupils in the liturgical language, Syriac, and they do not want us to teach history because they prefer to drum their own history into the heads of pupils.”

For Syria’s youth, education holds key to a brighter future


“During the war, we lived in difficult circumstances, especially as students. We studied by candlelight sometimes, not to mention the sounds of the explosions that were increasing our stress.”

This Giving Tuesday, what will you give to keep our faith alive in Pakistan?

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