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An Iraqi Christian family is home again on the Nineveh Plains


“It is my wish to remain in this land, despite all the difficult circumstances and disadvantages we have to deal with. I pray to God to realize this dream and to preserve my family, protect us and keep us safe.”

Prelate calls for international peace-keeping force on Nineveh Plains


“The whole of the Middle East is being convulsed by violence, corruption and political upheaval. It is blighted by sin. It is Jesus who forgives these sins and heals the wounds. Who can give this restless and corrupt region Jesus other than the Christians? We are therefore not only Christians—but also disciples of forgiveness and love.”

In Aleppo, Syria, a Christian family stays put in the face of hardship


He attributes his family’s survival to the aid of the Melkite Church, the work of the bishops and priests: “They have done great work in the humanitarian field. They provide cash aid and monthly food baskets, which is how we survived these past six years.”

Iraqi Christians continue to confront uncertain future


“I am afraid that the same thing will happen to us again—that ISIS will return.”

Brooklyn Diocese lends support to Christians in the Middle East


“Christians in Iraq and Syria, in particular, have been threatened with extinction and need all the help they can get.”

‘It is not possible to imagine a Middle East without Christians’


“To hear these Christians forgiving and praying for those who persecuted them is a testimony to the action of the Lord. Humanly speaking, it is extremely difficult to forgive someone who has driven you out of your home, who has caused you to lose everything or murdered one of your loved ones.”

Washington Free Beacon cites ACN on plight of Iraqi Christians


VICE PRESIDENT Mike Pence announced two weeks ago that the United States would intensify efforts to deliver aid to Iraqi Christians. Last October, Pence told a conference hosted by …

In Egypt, Coptic MP fights for the rights of Christians


“Egyptians have from childhood on been fed a rhetoric of hate, with the message that Christians are infidels. How do you suddenly tell people that Christians are good?”

Church fills gap in medical care for Syria’s ‘Valley of the Christians’


“People come to us asking for help and tell us that in other hospitals they couldn’t get treatment because they did not have enough money. We don’t simply tell them to go away; we try to help them in every way we can.”

Wartime in Aleppo: ‘many days were like living in a movie’


“I have two older brothers, both of whom have gone abroad, the first as an immigrant to Canada, and the second is waiting in Lebanon for his papers so that he can go to Europe. Now, my mother, my father and I are living together, hoping for their return. Honestly, I feel that I have started to hate Europe because it has stolen from us friends and loved ones; it has robbed us of the sight of them. Yet, my faith is great, and I feel that all will return, even after many years.”

This Giving Tuesday, what will you give to keep our faith alive in Pakistan?

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