Iraq: Church leaders urge more support for Christians resettling on the Nineveh Plains


Funding is falling short, the statement said, noting that “there is still a lot to do” to facilitate the return of Christians “to their respective ancestral communities from which they were expelled” as ISIS swept through the region in the summer of 2014.

In Pakistan, ‘Christians are a community of the very poor, living in conditions of semi-slavery’


“Our people have a very simple but very strong faith. Despite the problems of access to education and the lack of opportunities, the people are faithful to the Gospel, and our churches are full. Some 90 percent of Catholic Christians attend Mass every Sunday, and many also go to Mass during the week.”

Nigerian bishop denounces government inaction in face of Fulani attacks


“The Fulani … have been supplied with modern weapons of a kind not used by simple herdsmen. We need to ask who is behind this.”

In Nigeria, conversion was dream come true


“I encourage Catholics everywhere to remain steadfast: I have been lonely, and I have experienced many ups and downs. But I keep the faith, and everything I feel, I share with God in my prayers. It pays to be righteous.”

Pope lights candle for peace in Syria—launch of ACN’s Advent campaign


“May this prayer make them feel the closeness of God, who is faithful, and touch every conscience to bring about a sincere commitment to peace. May God, our Lord, forgive those who make war, those who make weapons to destroy each other. We pray for peace in beloved Syria.”

Churches around the world go red in support of religious freedom


“We are therefore inviting people throughout the world to stand up together with ACN in defense of religious freedom and make a visible gesture of solidarity.”

In Iraq, a Christian politician surveys a troubled landscape


“There is fear that the ISIS will return to our region, perhaps under a different name. That’s because of the lack of political unity in Iraq; and Christians have no confidence in their country’s political leadership, with legislators looking out for their own interests and discriminating against Christians.”

Asia Bibi’s family thanks God for her acquittal from death sentence


“May our Lord bless and protect Asia and her family and keep all our Christian brothers and sisters safe here in Pakistan.”

In Indonesia, a teenager is grateful for construction of ‘real’ church


“Now we are building a real church, the church that we’ve been missing for 17 years.”

‘His father is Boko Haram, but he is still my child’


“I cannot say that there was anything that specifically saw me through each day because each new day was as horrible and terrifying as the previous. I simply lived one day at a time.”

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Devastation in beirut

“Beirut is a devastated city. It’s a war scene – there is destruction and desolation in all its streets, its districts and its houses.”
Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Bechara Boutros Rai.

The destruction caused by the 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate which exploded inside a warehouse was immediate, its impact intensely felt by the Christian quarter.
For a country hit by civil unrest, economic collapse, COVID and now disaster, how much more can our faithful endure? Please give today.