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For Iraqi Christian former athlete, sports are essential part of education


“As long as we have faith, there is no need to worry or fear. Whenever we encounter disaster, we grow closer to God, so we should never despair. Thank you for the opportunity to speak with you and to share what is inside of me.”

For Christians in Zanzibar, bitter memories of time of terror


“When I was offered a bodyguard, I refused, believing that the work of Jesus did not require a machine gun; He promised his people that he would be with us until the end of time.”

In Syria, the loss of a beloved brother marks young life with profound sadness


“I believe that I survived these attacks because the angels were protecting me. We would have stayed in Aleppo had my father not taken the violence seriously; he secured a safe place for us and did not waste a moment.”

Uganda: ‘God saved me from alcoholism’


“Living in a slum only made my situation worse and my family more vulnerable. My children dropped out of school and started working as porters. I didn’t care whether or not they had eaten; all I cared about was drinking. “

Indonesia: Being faithful on Madura Island requires patience and courage


“It is not easy to be Catholic on Madura Island, and I pray that my children will keep their faith. My wife and I do our best to keep them close to God.”

In Syria, catechism is ‘helping heal spiritual wounds of war’


“I am a religious, and my first responsibility is to bear witness spiritually and help people. This is what moves me. We lived through the war and witnessed it up close. Catechesis is important in helping to heal the wounds.”

Syria: ‘The thought of continuing my studies was what kept my hopes alive’


“Being able to continue with my studies is what has helped me to remain hopeful and stay happy through these years. Now I want to be able to deepen my knowledge and help other people here in my country.”

For a Catholic single mother in Pakistan, life is very difficult


“After my husband’s death, life became harder, more laborious. It was very difficult to raise our children without his support, so I decided to get out of the house and found work as a maid. Being a woman, I face many hurdles and challenges while on the job; it is hard to provide necessities for the family.”

Asia Bibi’s family thanks God for her acquittal from death sentence


“May our Lord bless and protect Asia and her family and keep all our Christian brothers and sisters safe here in Pakistan.”

An Iraqi Christian family is home again on the Nineveh Plains


“It is my wish to remain in this land, despite all the difficult circumstances and disadvantages we have to deal with. I pray to God to realize this dream and to preserve my family, protect us and keep us safe.”

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Devastation in beirut

“Beirut is a devastated city. It’s a war scene – there is destruction and desolation in all its streets, its districts and its houses.”
Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Bechara Boutros Rai.

The destruction caused by the 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate which exploded inside a warehouse was immediate, its impact intensely felt by the Christian quarter.
For a country hit by civil unrest, economic collapse, COVID and now disaster, how much more can our faithful endure? Please give today.