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The Voice of the suffering and persecuted​

Thirty Christians die in the Gaza Strip

When the northern hospitals stopped functioning, he moved south, searching for treatment. But because of an increase in attacks, the hospitals in southern Gaza were also unable to provide treatment, and Hani died alone, far from his wife and children.

Patagonia, Argentina is mission country

Perhaps the greatest challenge is the distance between communities. The new diocese covers about 40,000 square miles, an area larger than Austria or Portugal. The reality the bishop describes can require extreme sacrifice.

Families in Ukraine suffer “constant torture”

“In 2023, we had 170,000 new families, but there were 120,000 divorces. These are the highest divorce numbers in the history of independent Ukraine. Helping these people is a big challenge for our Church."

Syria: ‘The situation is intolerable’

“In order to protect Christian values, Christians must remain here in the Middle East, where these values are more deeply appreciated,” he said. “In the Western world, with its secularism and globalization, the current is sweeping everything away.”

Sahel: ACN helps Christians displaced by terror

Given the destruction and enforced closure of ecclesiastical facilities, like parishes, schools, and hospitals, , the Church in the region is struggling to care for its people. But in many places, it is the only local institution coming to anyone’s aid.

Venezuela celebrates first Lourdes pilgrimage in the Americas

Tony has been going on this pilgrimage since he was three months old. “There are pictures of me being carried along,” he says, his voice tinged with emotion. “I am encouraged by my love for Mary, with the title of Our Lady of Lourdes, and I thank God for allowing me to accompany Our Heavenly Mother on this pilgrimage every year.”

ACN calls on the world to remember Myanmar

The conflict, which pits government forces against armed resistance groups and ethnic militias, has become significantly worse over the past year, with fighting affecting almost the entire country. The current situation brings suffering to all sectors of society and poses a particular danger to vulnerable minority communities, including Christians.

75 years of “Vehicles for God”

They were known as "rucksack priests," and they had to cover unbelievably long distances. We know of priests who traveled for days on foot or on bicycle. They were absolutely exhausted. Father Werenfried van Straaten recognized how desperate their situation was and asked himself: "What can we do right now to help these people?"

Attacks in Nigeria’s Benue State: 500 victims in 2023

In Nigeria’s Benue State, more than 400 people were killed, and more than 100 others were wounded, raped, or kidnapped, in attacks on settlements and farming communities in 2023,

José Si Esono gave his life for the faith

he stopped seeing José Si Esono as a catechist who had taught them to pray, but instead as someone who “wanted to erase the beliefs their ancestors had passed down to them. "They accused him of witchcraft and burned him alive.
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