The Suffering Church

In Mali, joy at release of kidnapped priest


Since 2012, jihadist groups linked to al-Qaeda and the Islamic State have carried out kidnappings to obtain money or exert political pressure.

‘May it come easily’— the work of the Salesians in Istanbul


The population of Istanbul has increased tenfold over the last 50 years and the city has one of the largest populations of young people from all European cities.

Kidnapped sister in Democratic Republic of the Congo is freed


idnappings, especially of priests and religious, have become a weapon and a means of pressure in numerous African countries.”

The challenges facing the Church on the world’s most Catholic continent


We need to protect the indigenous peoples and accompany them in their faith, while respecting their customs, languages and values,” insists D’Aqui.

A policeman needs to have his life in order, as death lurks around the corner


“The work of a policeman, the primary material, if you will forgive me putting it like this, is life and liberty. He is a servant of life.”

Faiths form united front at International Religious Freedom Summit


“Religion is not merely private—international affairs must be considered through the lens of religious freedom.”

Democratic Republic of the Congo: a sister is kidnapped


Behind the violence lurks “the ruthless exploitation of natural resources (mining, oil, woodland, land).”

Haiti’s bishops express sadness at assassination of the president, condemn spiral of violence


“This sad event marks an unfortunate turning point in the history of our people.”

Franciscan sister held hostage in Mali sends new letter to her family


“She is exhausted physically, very thin, her face burnt brown by the sun and by the climate in the Mali region, but thanks be to God she is well. She is very strong.”

Fleeing poverty, war, refugees find succor from the Church in South Africa


The project’s aim is to provide pastoral and social services to refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants with a view to restoring their lost dignity, faith and hope.

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