"Whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me."

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Fund a Study Course for Catechists in Ukraine


Last year, ACN funded 20 projects equipping 18,000 catechists around the world — in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Eastern Europe — with materials for …

Help for the Construction of Saint Anthony‘s Parish in Belarus


Mahiljou, or Mogilev, is the third largest city in Belarus, with a population of over 381,000. It lies on the river Dnieper, in the east …

A Vehicle for Pastoral Work in Pakistan


Father Javed Khurshid, still relatively young, was ordained into the priesthood 12 years ago and works today in Pakistan’s Diocese of Multan. His parish, Saint …

Mass Stipends for Priests Teaching at a Seminary in Liberia


Liberia was established by enslaved African people from America who had repatriated to Africa. Since then, there’s been conflict between their descendants and local tribes, …

A New Chapel for a Village in Malawi


The Catholic sub-parish of Saint Joseph is in Mathotho, a village in southern Malawi. The area is remote and underdeveloped, and its people are materially …

Support 16 Contemplative Sisters in Peru


Peru is the third largest country in South America, with a mostly indigenous population of 32 million and a topography that includes the Andes mountains …

Extend an Orthodox Rehabilitation Center for Recovering Addicts in Russia


For almost 30 years, at the request of Pope Saint John Paul II, ACN has been committed to supporting and promoting dialogue in Russia with …

Support Annual Ecumenical Youth Meetings at the Marian Shrine of Bilshivtsi in Ukraine


Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, Ukraine was plagued by war, corruption, economic crisis, and a lack of opportunity, which pushed many younger, more educated people …

Repair a Riverboat for Pastoral Work in the Amazon Region of Brazil


The Diocese of Xingu-Altamira in Brazil covers a vast portion of the Amazon rainforest; at over 96,000 square miles, it is larger than the state …

Help Build a Church in Northeast India


The mission station of the Piarist Fathers in northeast India is surrounded by jungle villages, where mostly disadvantaged ethnic minorities live. Few are able to …

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