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'The longest journey of any person is the journey inward'

ISIS took everything they had--now Iraqi Christians have found refuge in Jordan

Patriarch Sako insists on the right of return of displaced Christians to their homes, farms

Iraq - Silence and passivity will encourage IS to commit more tragedies

Iraq's Christians: a Double Catastrophe

Syrian bishop cries out: 'Help my people stay'

Pope Francis answers Korea's longing for 'fatherly leadership'

U.S. Journalist Beheaded by Jihadists in Syria

"There is still hope for the Christians in Iraq, but only if we act now"

Aid to the Church in Need delegation visits Christian refugees in Iraq

Appeal to save Nineveh Plain from Jihadists

Aid to the Church in Need-USA launches $1M campaign

Christians in Sudan: second-class citizens

Gaza - Only the very courageous ones come to Mass

Iraq's Christians facing a human catastrophe

Gaza - "We need aid more than ever"

In Nigeria, the evil of Boko Haram

After the World Cup in Brazil, the bare bones of faith remain

Global Day of Prayer for Peace in Iraq

Syria - "I come to you because my people suffer"

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