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Haiti: Church is keeper of 'soul and hope of the nation'

In India's Odisha State, 'there is still fear in the heart of Christians'

In Czech Republic, a pillar of the persecuted Church

Aid to the Church in Need focuses on Africa with Lent & Easter campaign

In Syria, the absurdity, cruelty of war continue

Nigeria: a call for healing a 'distorted, bloodied and corrupted society'

One year after earthquake in Ecuador: 'Don't forget us!

Despite drop in violence, Syria continues to suffer

In DRC, bishops sound the alarm

A Lent of tears

In Central African Republic, a cardinal visits his long-suffering flock

South Sudan's bishops cry out for aid, protection for civilians

In DRC, an upsurge of violence against the Church

Water brings new life for contemplative nuns in DRC

In Russia, Orthodox and Catholics are 'saving unborn children together'

In Paraguay, women religious work where priests can rarely visit

A 'Marshall Plan' for Iraq: rebuilding Christian villages on the Nineveh plains

In South Sudan, survival is daily struggle for ordinary citizens

Christians assess the damage on Iraq's Nineveh plain, ravaged by ISIS

The Church in India--a shining light for all to see

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