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From Syria, a Christmas letter from the front lines

Chaldean Patriarch insists 'the security of the Pope in Iraq can be guaranteed'

'The Taliban will stop at nothing now,' Pakistan prelate says

The reign of terror of Boko Haram: eyewitness accounts

Central African Republic: Catholics reach out to former deadly enemies

Poverty is biggest enemy of the Church in Zimbabwe

For Roman Catholics in Ukraine, winds of war and ghosts of a violent past

The Pope in Turkey: benefits and limits of dialogue

Syriac Catholic Patriarch: West ignores Iraq's Christians because they represent no economic interests

Bloody mix of faith and politics in Holy Land

In Pakistan, 'living the faith is a new challenge every day'

Chinese regime said to intensify persecution of Christians

In Nigeria, Boko Haram is sowing the seeds of death and destruction

Chaldean leader condemns Muslims' failure to counteract ISIS

In Turkey, Pope found a country that is not welcoming for Christians--as residents or refugees

ACN helps Iraqi Christian refugees in Jordan

Devastated Christian community in Kandhamal, India still awaits justice--but faith flourishes

In Belarus, ghost of Soviet era is very much alive

Along with its people, Philippine Church is still recovering from typhoon Haiyan

Middle East: 'the extremists must be isolated'

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