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Vermont Priest sells 'Nazarene' bracelets to aid Iraq and Syria

In Cameroon diocese, threat of Boko Haram means pastoral care requires military protection

Middle East - "Dialogue cannot stop extremists"

Catholic Church in Ukraine is under heavy pressure

An interview on Albania with Father Don Carlo Lorenzo Rossetti on eve of Pope's visit

Archbishop of Mosul: "Recognize genocide against Christians"

Speech by Msgr. Antoine Audo, Archbishop of the Chaldeans of Syria

The Story of the Kidnapped Priests

Iraq--what future for Christians?

In Ukraine, Greek Catholic Church's 'needs are great and varied'

Patriarch Sako: 'The Christians in Iraq Are Going Extinct!"

Syria - Facing the danger of a slow death

The hundred thousand faces of suffering of the Iraqi Christians

'The longest journey of any person is the journey inward'

ISIS took everything they had--now Iraqi Christians have found refuge in Jordan

Patriarch Sako insists on the right of return of displaced Christians to their homes, farms

Iraq - Silence and passivity will encourage IS to commit more tragedies

Iraq's Christians: a Double Catastrophe

Syrian bishop cries out: 'Help my people stay'

Pope Francis answers Korea's longing for 'fatherly leadership'

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