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In Central African Republic, Church works hard to restore sense of 'human dignity'

In Nepal, Hindu radicals 'warn all foreign Christian religious leaders to leave this country'

Vatican calls on UN Security Council for 'life-saving action' in Middle East

For the sake of Christians in the Middle East, a papal wake-up call

Cuba: 'The hunger for God is there'

At UN, Pope Francis calls on international community for 'examination of conscience' about suffering of innocents

Letter from Aleppo: 20 years a bishop--fighting for his faithful to stay in Syria

Nigerian cardinal backs amnesty for Boko Haram fighters willing to renounce terror

Syrian prelate bemoans Christian exodus, blames international arms trade for prolonged conflict

Jerusalem Patriarch condemns resumption of West Bank barrier construction

Human chain protects worshippers from Boko Haram attacks in Cameroon

Influx of Muslim refugees worries Lebanese prelate, stirs bitter memories

ACN stays course helping Christians stay put in Syria

Jerusalem Carmelites live where Jesus once prayed

In Ukraine, 'you have be crazy about God to persevere'

An African "Queen of Hope" raises spirits

Sierra Leone: an impoverished Church is coping with aftermath of Ebola epidemic

Syria has become the land of broken dreams

Church comes to aid of flood victims in Myanmar

In Peru, a missionary Church bears fruit

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