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Ecuador: 'We celebrate the rites for the dead on the street every time another victim is found.'

Catholic-Orthodox delegation's Middle East visit is 'tangible' fruit of Pope Francis meeting Patriarch Kirill

Nuns in Angola: 'We hid in the bread oven to escape being killed by the bullets'

On eve of US visit, Nigerian bishop sees fresh hope about the fate of kidnapped Nigerian school girls

Patriarch takes 'painful' stock in ISIS-ravaged Syrian town

Syria: with ISIS ousted from their town, Christians are still wary of returning

For Christians in Aleppo, Syria, life remains a struggle

Condemning corruption & partisanship, Angolan Church cries foul

Pope reaches out to Pakistan bomb blast victims

Lahore prelate comforts victims of Pakistan terror attack

A prayer for a priest abducted by ISIS

Christians in Jerusalem 'identify more with Good Friday than with Easter'

ACN welcomes US State Department's charging ISIS with 'genocide' of Christians

Yemen: 'They passed out bread and received gunfire'

In Syria, hopes that 'ceasefire will be the beginning of the end of the war'

Villagers attack Church compound in Ethiopia

In northern Cameroon, 'everyone is afraid of suicide bombers'

Letter from Aleppo : 'He was Just 13 years-old'

Jihadists suspected of cutting off water and electricity to hurt Aleppo populace

'The joint declaration of Pope and Patriarch embraces the entire world'

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