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In Bangladesh, missionary is recovering from terror attack

Pope Francis in Uganda--honoring martyrs, firing up the faith

Thousands of Syrian Christians are fleeing ISIS assault

Aleppo's faithful ask: 'Where is God? Why did God forsake us? Why doesn't He end the war?'

Terror and violence convulse the Holy Land--Christians 'caught in the middle'

Lebanese archbishop sees Paris attacks as West's wake-up call on Syria

In Erbil, Kurdistan, Christian exodus continues, but those who remain are in better shape

South Sudan religious leaders cry out for help: 'People are dying as we speak'

A rarity in a Cuban suburb: a new church will be built

In Aleppo, Syria, the Church is rebuilding lives--quite literally

For Christians uprooted by ISIS there is fruitfulness in suffering

Kosovo's 'crypto-Catholics' are making their way back to the Church

For missionary in Brazil, his boat is a vital tool for evangelization

Egyptian bishop looks to parliamentary vote to speed up church construction approval process

Priest reveals Muslim, grateful for Church-provided aid, helped him escape ISIS

African Church is an expert in family issues

'My father is in heaven'--Egyptian martyrs get their own church at last

Central African Republic: thousands fleeing a new wave of violence--but Pope still due to visit

Pope Francis in Cuba: preaching 'the revolution of tenderness like Mary, Mother of Mercy'

Hindu radicals in Nepal 'warn all foreign Christian religious leaders to leave this country'

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